Samsen Villa : 2018

Samsenvilla preserve Thai mood as the brand DNA but adjust to match with present. the Thai style in that era is rearranged in the design.

Color and Pattern stress luxury Thai. Color using, Gold and blue bring from Thai favor in that era.

Samsenvilla is the Thai restaurant which found in 1978 and strive to preserve Thai style with Thai ambiance and food.

Combination with the oldness and newness.

The longevity restaurant passes many age and pick up many experiences then the design collect detail from each era to make the current Samsen.

Samsen Life : 2018


Samsenvilla became Samsenlife.

The legend of Samsen, long life but strong in character. Samsenlife like the new generation who inherit and develop from Samsenvilla but adjust to be his own way.

Samsenlife is the new generation who learn from Samsenvilla and convey in his character: life, bright, joyful, and modern but still keep Samsenvilla DNA.

Modern of Samsenlife is the main character which we keep in the design because that show the Samsen’s life of the modern age.

The Artifacts

New existence in new pattern as new born or change generation.

Suksomdul : 2018


Sooksomdul is an optional healthy center, treat with natural therapy.

They accentuate with balance between Spirit Body and Natural. Serve treatment and knowledge that combine Thai folk wisdom with modern medicine and apply to make best result. Also care the four element: Earth , Water, Wind and Fire in the body to be balance.

Perpetuity always arise from balance, whole nature and also human body. Sooksomdul is strong with this concept idea for drive business.

Sooksomdul logo form is balance in all aspect though left and right, top and bottom. The form show the movement of the life.

Sooksomdul element also emphasize the balanced form. Thai Gardenia

Form with the petal star is balance form as Thai style.


Color using and pattern is simple style, harmony with the natural without garnish.

Mango Group : 2018


Mango Group Media is agency company to serve Advertising, Event, Public relations in china. This project is rebranding, we design to look more modern, energetic and excited for match with media company’s image.

This logo uses free form which close the mango form in symbol logo. That is consistent with company name. The gradient color in this logo convey to movement and activation.

The warm color makes energetic feeling. That combine between yellow, the old corporate’s color and red, the fortunate color in Chinese culture.

Sakeichi : 2018


Japanese brush painting and Zen idea is inspiration of this design but adjust to be modern as the shop style

Graphic decoration and element always use Japanese brush graphic combine with the modern font look.

Sakeichi is Japanese restaurant found as owner’s requirement to serve rare material in whole Japan but you can find in this restaurant and collect rare sake from whole Japan that is source of the name “Sakeichi”.